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The Zuni tribe of New Mexico is a Native American tribe known for their elaborate jewelry and beautifully carved fetishes.  They are most known for their Zuni fetish necklaces of carved precious and semi-precious stones representing various animals.  Usually strung on sinew or string, the fetish necklaces can be of one strand or as many as 12 strands.  With great detail they are hand carved and drilled.  Then strung to create colorful and very collectable necklaces.  Click on Zuni Jewelry for more information about Zuni petitpoint (also called needlepoint) and Zuni inlayed jewelry.

Zuni fetishes are also a Zuni specialty. Click on the icon to the right or click on Zuni fetishes above to read more about these elaborate carvings and their meaning.

It is believed that they are descendants of the Anasazi.  Linguistically, they speak a language unique to them and different than that of the surrounding Navajo, Hopi, or other pueblo nations.  The diet consists of the three sisters; corn, squash, and beans, augmented by game and fish.   They have a matrilineal clan system that revolves around ceremonial system based on beliefs of the elders or ancestors. 

The Zuni Reservation is home to many of the artists who have been taught how to make jewelry, fetishes, and pottery as a form of economic sustenance.  Located near Zuni, New Mexico (approximately 150 miles west of Albuquerque, New Mexico and 35 miles south of Gallup, New Mexico), it is just a short ride that is highly recommended.

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